Our Team


Julian Manzanas – CEO and Founder

Julian Manzanas has been TYNAX EMEA Advisor since 2009. He is a consultant in patents and trademarks, specializied in intangibles valuation, strategy and technology transfer. He also collaborates with Silicon Valley Business School and with ValueMyPatent.com.

He has been collaborating with various consultants and companies focused on innovation, valuing patents, trademarks and other intangibles.

Julian is a chartered Member of the New Club of Paris and founder and Vicepresident of the Knowledge Economy and Innovation Commission of the Col·legi d’economistes de Catalunya (Catalonia Barr of Enomomists).

Julian has been General Manager of SIA Iberia, Manager in Financial and Insurance Market at Indra and Business Consultant at Gedas (VW group).

He has been graded in Economics and Business Administration by Barcelona University and he has an international Master Degree in Quantitative and IT Methods applied to Business Management at the universities of Barcelona, Milan, Paris-2 and Lisbon.


Enric Batalla – COO and Founder

Enric Batalla has been a patent broker and consultant in Spain for over 15 years. He is a Professor of “Technology Appreciation and IP management” at La Salle BES (URL, Barcelona, Spain), IQS (URL, Barcelona, Spain), the University of San Francisco (California, USA), Fu Jen University (Taipei, Taiwan), and a Guest Professor in the IESE B.S. M.B.A. programs, teaching on “Strategy, Innovation and Patents”. He has advised in IP matters to major European Companies (Philips, Nestlé, Indra, Telefónica, Inditex, Gamesa, Ficosa, etc.), and to the Catalan and Spanish Governments. Enric is a member of the executive committee of Licensing Executives Society and a Chartered Consultant in patents and IP for the Asian Development Bank.

Enric is qualified as a Nuclear Enginees at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). He was awarded with the XII Innovation Prize of Catalonia. He has also a management PDD degree in IESE Business School. He worked for almost five years as COO in manufacturing plants in the fields of hollow-glass production (Rovira, Spain) and lighting appliances (Raak-Cetek, France). In 1989 Enric participated in the Asco Nuclear Plant OSART project. He founded in 1990 ICOGEN, one of the first Co-generation Engineering Companies in Spain. He is a Catalan native speaker, fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Alexander Cavallar – Advisor

Mag. Alexander Cavallar is an Austrian entrepreneur, advisor and businessman in the fields of Finance, Cost consulting and Educational Business. He holds a Master in Economics from the Wirtschaftsuniversität (WU) of Vienna and a PDD from IESE Business School.

Mr. Cavallar has worked in banking, consulting and intengible assets in Germany, Spain and Austria for more than three decades. Since 2012, he has been member of the advisory board at Cabier Institute, responsable for German speaking countries.

Mr. Cavallar is an active chartered member of various professional associations, such as KDF (Kreis der Deutschsprachigen Führungskräfte) and BNI (Business Network International). He also serves as guest lecturer of IQS’ University Global Entrepreneurial Management MBA – a joint Master with the University of San Francisco (California, USA) and Fu Jen University (Taipei, Taiwan).

Alexander Cavallar speaks fluently German, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Marga Mtnez. del Hoyo – Legal Advisor

Licenciada en Derecho por la UNED y licenciada en Psicología por la UOC, Marga es Técnico especialista en Atención al Ciudadano en CatSalut. ha estado siempre vinculada a la innovación y a la cooperación con su entorno. Es miembro del comité local de la asamblea de la Cruz Roja en L’Hospitalet de Llobregat desde 2015 y miembro del equipo ERIE, unidad de intervención psicológica, como voluntaria.

Como abogada es experta en temas de derecho administrativo, salud laboral, derecho social, propiedad industrial y bioética. Como psicóloga ha trabajado con niños, personas con discapacidades psíquicas, soporte a la tercera edad, parados de larga duración y emergencias.

Colabora con Cabier Institute desde su fundación. En especial, es consultora en los aspectos legales en diferentes proyectos de asesoramiento en materia de IP a las administraciones públicas, en relación con las cuales Marga cuenta con un amplio y reconocido recorrido y prestigio profesional.


Marc Guerrero – Patent Broker and Advisor

Dr. Marc Guerrero holds a «Cum Laude» Doctorate in Social Sciences and a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration from the University of Barcelona. Diploma in European Communities. He completed his academic studies at ESADE, Barcelona, the University of California, Berkeley, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Reading (United Kinkdom).

From 2009 to 2016 Marc was the Vice President of the European Liberal Democrat Party (ELDR Party). He is also a founding member of the international trading company, World Wide Ginteco, with patent brokering activities.

Professor «Prince Fellow Award» from the Department of International Relations the European University, Marc ia a Member of the General Council of Fira de Barcelona.

Marc is the author of several books related to politics and economics in Europe and the USA, being worth mentioning: «The deception of Spanish federalism» Ed. Edge. October 2011) and «Rebooting Europe» (Ed. Arista. November 2014). (marc@ginteco.com)