Our Expertise

IGC Audit

We perform audit and consulting projects focused on drafting patents, IP strategies and processes of monetization and transfer of technologies. Program more aimed at SMEs and start-ups.

IGC Training Solutions

Patent wars are raging in the high-tech sector and patents are becoming serious business. We’re interested in teaching the business strategies suroounding patents, not just patent prosecution.

We run training projects: courses, coaching, seminars and workshops, focusing on IP, industrial property, and entrepreneurship, at a global level. We use the platform of the Silicon Valley Business School as online training tool. Trainers and teachers are experts with a vision to provide a valuable practice.

Patent Assertment Program

At Institut Cabier Institute we study the business case to find potential infringers to the patents and to construct Evidence of Use (EoU) assesments, as well as claim charts to assess your competitive position as to your IPR. And to findo out whether it is or not assertable and to recommend the best lawyers according to the industry involved.

IGC Quality Assesment

We certify and assure quality in drafting patents, and help building strong patent portfolios in industries where the defense and valorization of patent portfolios is key to business success. Program more focused on big businesses.

IGC Patent Transactions

Thanks to the strategic agreements with TYNAX, we offer users the possibility to access the largest platform for buying and selling online patents, as well as all the online and offline brokerage services necessary to achieve a large number of IP transactions

Patent Quality Program

Qualified consultants, with experience in the specific industry in patents, evaluate the quality of patents, with regard to the «litigious quality» of the demands, adaptation to new standards and futures, and assessment of the essence of patents. It also certifies the correct intelligibility of patent texts, as they have to be understood by judges and popular juries, with little experience in patents and technology.